Cuidado El Chupacabra

While working, recording, writing, playing, etc. sometimes it gets difficult to make time on social media / the internet to keep things updated.  That doesn’t change the fact that cool things are still going on… Some years ago, I had the pleasure of recording some friends of mine on a side project called Cuidado El Chupacabra. They were all playing in other bands, and this was a way for them to be creative outside their normal comfort zone.  We set up in the studio one evening, and tracked 8 songs live with no overdubs.  Real life took precedence, and the guys focused on other responsibilities and we never really did anything with the recordings.

Fast forward to 2016… Cuidado El Chupacabra is back rehearsing and getting ready for a show at Ron Shaprio’s amazing new joint, Shelter on Van Buren on April 29, 2016. You really should check these guys out.

Cuidado El Chupacabra is: Chris Steiner (guitar), Eric Carlton (keys / synth), Scott Doler (bass), and William Gates (drums / percussion).

Check out the tunes they recorded with us back in 2010 on the El Chupacabra Soundcloud page.

Here’s one of my favorites, called Paps Blue Riffin’