Summer Studio Update

After I finished the custom audio rail power supply for my Trident 65, I sent off my master section to the wizard Jim Williams at AudioUpgrades for his mods.  I also sent one channel module and he was gracious enough to provide in-depth instructions of his mods to that section.  The master section mod really opened up the console and let me hear things that weren’t present before.  Much more life in mixes.

The channel module is great sounding as well, as he removed the coupling caps and cleared the audio path.  I will be doing seven more of the channel modules with Jim’s mod to give me some flavor on the console, akin to having some outboard pre’s.

Session work has been rolling along, with several projects running concurrently.  I’ve added some new mics, and other gear to the studio as well.  We also launched a new SoundCould stream ( ) and will be periodically posting stuff there.

During the NMS Hill Country Picnic, WWOZ New Orleans was there live-streaming the event, and I got to meet with their guys and check out all their equipment and mobile studio. They have a great setup and were all great folks.  I’ll be setting up to provide some live-stream services soon, and maybe even stream some sessions in real time.  Keep a watch here for more updates!