RNN Studios was started by engineer/bassist Nathan Robbins initially as a way to capture ideas, experiment with gear, and do demos for bands he played with. It began as more of a hobby and steadily developed into a well-oiled machine. With some great analog gear, as well as industry-standard software, RNN Studios delivers great sounding material. Production and pre-mastering services are also offered.

Lots of studios have a set-in-stone hourly rate that works for them. We operate a little differently. We prefer to consult with our clients and get a picture of their desired result. Then we’ll work with you on a price that works for both parties. If you prefer to do straight by-the-hour sessions, our rate is $75 per hour for tracking / mixing with an engineer provided.  Other services such as pre-mastering, editing, etc. are also billed hourly.  We can also work out day rates, and sometimes package deals, depending on the situation.

We ask clients to provide a means to store their session data, in the form of an external hard drive, SSD, or other flash media. This serves two purposes: it provides an isolated backup of the source material and allows us to preserve our resources for in-progress projects.